No sparring over the new look at the old coach's tips
Newbie, avoid nervous to see Master principles of routing, can not only reduce the chance of accidents, from novice to veteran as soon as possible.
Select the spacious
width of two paths in front of novice, novice to try to choose a wide road, rather than around the long way. This can keep changing room when, can guarantee that have good traffic and a good field of vision while driving. Select flat
/> car Po Road, changes to the car's centre of gravity point, poor stability, vulnerable to vehicle overturned. Especially on rainy days, vulnerable body sideslip Po Road. Select hard pavement

typically, the road centers by repeated rolling of the wheel parts are relatively hard, road edges and soft, especially on rainy days, should as far as possible a central part. Soft running resistance of road vehicles will increase, resulting in lack of motivation. Rookie prone to stalling, increasing difficulty.
Quick/> less overtaking road road, novices avoid Lane, in particular Central Greenbelt road and provincial road, crossing of provincial highway, often passers-by, lane is near the central belt, new emergencies are often difficult to handle.
new route choices there are many, such as winter driving in the selected soils do not choose snow, town lane selected static is not selected. The general principle is to improve traffic safety and contribute to a smooth adoption, to handling complex situations and contribute to the mechanical operation, just make driving easier.

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