Ten of the most troublesome for driving under special circumstances
Traffic safety is every driver friends and family are very concerned about things, as the saying goes "driver negligence, family two lines of tears", so that traffic safety is the first and most important factor. Impact driver safety driving various, sometimes weather conditions, sometimes pavement condition, sometimes their own reason or condition, several cases where we provide you with some suggestions
, run-in period driving
car break-in, and will have important implications for automobile's life, security, and economic, it is not to be discounted. To check the maintenance and improve the quality of running outside in addition to the aforementioned cold starts, while driving should also pay attention to the following issues:
1, limited set: new car not Lawton, loading rate should be less than 90%, and select the flat roads.
2, the speed limit: specification for strict implementation of the driver's injuries, don't run too fast, must not exercise at this time trick, run dashed.
3, slow start, slow refueling and slower braking, time shift: try to avoid the emergency brake, otherwise would not only hit the run-in of the brake system and will increase the impact of the chassis to the engine load. Someone accustomed to waiting for a bus, hang a step on the clutch, or pick up the free to step on the clutch. This habit can cause prolonged wear of the clutch. Run-in vehicles while driving should be gradual, with the lowest starting, gradually adding grade, must not use high grade low speed or lower speed. And change gear frequently, do not use a gear driving for a long time.
4, strictly control the temperature, always check the temperature of the transmission, drive axles and wheel hubs.
Second, spring road
Chun Kun, led driving distracted. Warmer weather in the spring, many people have sleep feeling, causing a lot of drivers are distracted, even dozing off while driving. Spring and longer during the day, night time, people and this will shorten the time of sleep, resulting in insufficient nighttime sleep, sleepiness during the day. And how should it be prevent Chun Kun?
first of all, getting enough sleep is an important factor to ensure traffic safety. Lack of sleep is the main factor causing fatigue. According to statistics, accidents due to fatigue caused by 60% is less than 3.5 hours of sleep. Lack of sleep causes driving process sighing and yawning. In particular, long-distance travel, continuous driving time should not be too long, if you drive when you feel tired on the way, be sure to stop and rest, and get out and move about the body.
Second, maintaining good indoor environment, this can improve the driver's attention.
in addition, the diet also can adjust. Motorists have more effective methods to prevent fatigue of food to prevent Chun Kun. Such as carrots, cabbage, citrus foods contain a lot of vitamins, vitamins are very good sober, metabolites of the fatigue which has accumulated in the body can be disposed of as soon as possible.
warm weather, a lot of people out driving at night or take part in social activities. Difficulty driving at night than during the day, a lot of people driving less, some are new, never opened overnight, it is prone to accidents. Some are just fun, but forgot to pay attention to safety when parking, parking vehicles car broke, parked in the middle of the road, do not set up any flags, sat in the car call for rescue. As everyone knows, this is very dangerous. Night vision is not good and, in General, relatively fast speed, free parking on the side of the vehicle or broken down car parked on the road is not easy driver found in the distance, to the nearby discovery was too late to take action.
when parking at night, please park your car in the parking lot; if your car broke down on the road, pushed the car to the curb and turn on the warning lights and noticeable warning signs on at the rear; people do not sit down in the car, going to the safest place to call for help.
the weather has turned warm, morning exercisers increased. A lot of people running along the road, with morning rush driving vehicles scoop up more opportunities. Morning person try not to exercise in the side of the road, to the park or a quiet place to exercise; pedestrians try to wear some color in bright clothes, car drivers can be more easily found.
warm days, parties, drinking out to dinner a lot. But alcohol is the enemy of driving, drink driving will make its judgment and ability to control the car down, appeared too late reacting, causing the accident. If you also like to drive after a meal, invite you to dinner, don't drink if you are the driver's family, please remind your loved ones, don't drink and drive. Driver management approach defined: knowing the driver had been drinking alcohol, but also by his car should be punished.
spring is the season, drivers are eager to hit the road you just obtain a driver's license. But life coaches and driving in a completely different driving, new drivers ' lack of experience, unskilled driving, failing to trouble, has greatly increased the likelihood of an accident. New drivers to keep a greater distance, when there is a situation, have sufficient time to deal with avoid as far as possible and lines, not to drive fast track; to avoid braking, hard fought rounds; the spirit must focus on, and do not hinder the action of driving, such as drinking, smoking, not chatting with passengers.
three traffic, summer
summer light, many people like to wear sunglasses to prevent glare. However, it should be noted that not wearing the color is too deep and too large and heavy dark glasses. According to studies, dark sunglasses can delay time eyes send images to the brain, the Visual delay resulted in the distortion of speed, driver wearing sunglasses made the wrong judgment. Especially in the automotive, motorcycle forward at 80 kilometers an hour, deep shades will extend 100 MS driver reaction to the situation, the result increases the braking distance of 2.2 meters. Experts have said, serious accidents may occur in this case. If the shades wide and heavy, and will bring a lot of discomfort. Some drivers found on the eyelids and cheeks sour feeling, swelling, numbness, some drivers there is a vague sense of a lost front teeth when brushing your teeth, and still some drivers feel the nose hard, cold not cold these symptoms, are due to wear caused by the large heavy dark glasses, should attract the attention of drivers.
in addition, should not be swigging a cold drink in the summer. Hot summer days, drivers sweat more, and often feel upset thirst often want to eat cold. But some people a lot of eating, binge drinking is not good for your health. While driving, most of the blood will flow to the intense activity of the muscles, to supply enough nutrients and removed wastes, so that gastrointestinal temporarily reduced blood supply. At this point, if the intake of cold drinks such as ice cream, it will cause a sudden contraction of gastric intestinal vascular, decreased blood flow, often cause physiological disorders, affecting the body's digestion of food, which can cause stomach pain, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal diseases. So, how traffic should be cool to quench their thirst in the summer? Experts pointed out that summer drinks than to drink hot tea. Drinking hot tea make Telangiectasia, sweat pores open, and diastolic sweat glands, perspiration and carefree, beneficial to the dissemination of the body heat, and theophylline in tea also has a diuretic effect, excretion of urine during urination, can also take some heat.
for too long the air-conditioner in the foot. Doctor remind you that summer drive against "air-conditioning disease" should pay attention to several aspects: when using auto air conditioning just best to repair the air conditioning system for sterilization process, or you can buy special spray for sterilization and deodorization themselves. Secondly, when you open air conditioning in the car, best not to smoke in the car, if you want to smoke, they should turn the air conditioning ventilation control to "out" position. Another auto expert pointed out that, when caught in a traffic jam, not in order to improve the efficiency of air conditioning and the engine to operate at high speeds, doing the service life of the engine and the air conditioning compressor is bad. Parked in the hot sun in the car hot cars don't use air conditioning. You can open all the Windows and let the hot air out, and after a drop in temperature in the compartment, and then closes the window, open air conditioning. Also, do not turn the temperature down so low temperature too low, can affect health. General compartments within a 10 degree temperature difference between inside and outside.
not use gas lighter. Summer heat waves, some drivers are tired of smoking habits lit cigarettes, conveniently placed on the instrument table gas lighter, in fact, it is very dangerous. Disposable gas lighters, plastic containers containing liquid gas, at 40 degrees and above, the gas expands. Experience in plastic case exploded because of the heat. Although the explosion of gas lighter is small, but in the car and some oil, flammable materials close to the explosion, once the fires, the consequences are unimaginable. So in the hot summer months, the driver should not use gas lighter, say, smoking while driving is not permitted.
four, fog, driving
, Demi-season, big temperature difference between day and night, prone to fog. In foggy weather, especially fog visible distance shorter to only gets m, especially at low temperatures, some phenomenon of the road there will be Frost, driving surge in difficulty, this time especially prone to traffic accidents. How to drive safely in fog, Frost and weather?
1, plenty of driving distance. Fog, horizon short, low visibility, sometimes pavement wet due to fog, braking performance, vehicle easy to slip, so you must keep enough distance. View all of the weather do not drive in the middle of the road and don't pressure. Otherwise in passing can be dangerous. Can take advantage of the remaining little sight distance, pegged to the white line in the road, keep route can't be wrong.
2, open fog lights or rear fog lights to mark the target. Cars not fog lights fog day, pedestrians or other vehicles difficult to perceive you. When you hear car horns, sirens should be timely reply. In addition, not Kaiyuan lights driving lamps a strong light will be reflected into the driver's eyes in the fog that blurred. Windshield glass must be cleaned and condensation surfaces will only let you view more damaged. Wiper Wiper can be used to improve the line of sight.
3, cannot be blindly driving too fast. Frost road tend to be regional, paragraphs. It is difficult to judge road conditions for drivers, often cannot be found far from the closer could not handle. Therefore, the vision should be more open, carefully observe road conditions and vigilant, low speed driving, best less than 50 kilometers per hour. If discovered oncoming traffic on the road a lot in open position lamps or front fog lamps, you should think of right away, the road sections ahead may be foggy or raining. If you have already felt the fog out of sight (rain and snow), so, you have to control the speed, preferably not more than 50 km/h. Fog greater visual range is shorter, lower your speed must be.
4, when the temperature is low, easy to form a thin cream, smooth road, should be taken to avoid the emergency brake. In case of frost road, before Frost road as far as possible is the best way to slow down the speed, if too late to drop speed, do not Frost emergency deceleration or play on the road in direction, generally fall Frost road not long, a bit after a spin through.
5, vehicle breakdown, or must wait until the fog to the road should turn on the fog lights and low beam lights and dual Flash, close to parking, at the rear to 30 metres placed clearly marked. Most importantly, people have to leave the road as far as possible, do not ride in a car again. If you are parked on the expressway emergency parking Bay, who'd climbed over a fence, to subgrade waiting outside.
five, winter driving
winter travel, first to ensure the vehicle condition is good. Before driving, should step up inspections of cars, guaranteed in good condition, in particular, steering system, braking system should be efficient and reliable. Brakes must not have deviation phenomenon. Tire pressure should take the provisions of the bottom, and tire pressure around the same. Tire tread wear should be replaced immediately. To prevent the tail, and also to adjust the front and rear wheel brakes for synchronous braking. Icy roads are smooth, when installing snow chains, snow chain tension to be consistent, and symmetrical. Cargo loading should be symmetrical and equal on both sides of the tire load.
in addition, traffic on the ice road should also carry the necessary anti-skid, heating supplies. In winter, the temperature is low, whether from the car itself or from the driver for driving, will have a serious impact. Because of the low winter temperatures, so the brake fluid will become very thick, this, of course, to a certain extent, affect the normal use of the brakes, thereby reducing the flexibility of the brake (mainly for domestic models). At this point, all you need to do is try at slow speeds when braking, look if there are any exceptions, if there are any, you should immediately stop taking remedial measures.
six, and Gale days lane
1, and concentrated energy driving vehicles, closely note pedestrian of trends, especially to special note those with things baotou walk or running run of people, prevent they only walking and regardless of motor vehicle car;
2, and note bike of trends, especially should note bow bike who, beware its suddenly broke into motor vehicle road;
3, and insisted in the low speed driving, at any time prepared brake parking, case those for wind big cannot control bike direction of people broke into motor vehicle road.
seven, snowy road
accidents in the snow dozens of times higher than usual, we learned about the considerations for driving in the snow is not sufficient.
Winter snow road is slippery, starting when their tires have been frozen to the ground, should use picks dug a tire around the ice, soil, prevent damage to tyres and transmission parts. Start clutch half joint, gently stepping on the accelerator, engine in the case less output power not to stall to accommodate snow and ice pavement to avoid drivers slip. If the driven wheel slip, to weed out the wheel under snow and ice, and sprinkle in a driving wheel of dry sand, cinder, firewood and other items, or iron pickaxes road plane into the "x" or "y" shaped Groove to improve adhesion.
smooth acceleration in March, a slow speed. Speed to obtain operation should be uniform, to prevent going too fast, to avoid catching up. When you need to speed up or slow down, slowly push the throttle or loosened to prevent wheel skidding because of sudden acceleration or deceleration. Avoid overtaking in the snow and ice on the road as much as possible, if emergency non-task is not available, be sure to select a large, flat, snow-less sections, should not force to overtake. When passing, you should select the sections flat and remained two cars have enough lateral safety distance. If the road is narrow, conditions should take the initiative to stop or rewind comity. If the snow is deep, no doubt on the roadside, after test snow conditions should get off, then passing.
Second, the slow lane to play in the snow, must slow down before turning, take note of the steering wheel, slowly slowly turn back. Without affecting the opposite the case, try to increase the turning radius, to reduce the centrifugal force when turning, quick turn slammed back must not be quick to prevent sideslip broaching.
previous to maintain a proper distance between vehicles, offers very little resistance on the ground in the snow, only the dry asphalt pavement 1/4, thus braking the non secure area has greatly increased. Too close to vehicles, it is difficult to the brakes in a short distance, if there is a situation that can easily cause rear-end collision. Driving distance. Should be opened to normal traffic in general more than twice the distance. When braking use predictable braking and engine hamper speed and more with hand brake, exhaust brake, use less foot brake. When a foot brake, brake, light touch on the lift, not a foot of dead. Without ABS paying particular attention to prevent skidding. If the case is urgent, enforceable reduction gears, quickly gear down to 1, at a low speed vehicle, while intermittent use of hand and foot brake.
Snow Hill Road is difficult to shift smoothly through the lower slopes up and down, not shifting in the middle. Uphill against the flame, traveling on the overpasses of the especially steep, in case of traffic jams, would prefer not going up the Hill, and roads, avoid starting causing shifting down on the slope. Sliding down an absolute prohibition space.
driver to drive in the snow, to take fully into account others. See other people driving slower and should be understood, not flashing lights siren rush. Bicycles, pedestrians may be due to slippery road and fell in a residential area, alley and mixed sections to observe, keeping a distance with pedestrian, bicycle, stopping for pedestrians rather than cut, otherwise accidents may occur at any time.
Park open space to try to get free of ice, tighten the hand brake gearing. When you need to stop on snow and ice pavement, Chaoyang, and sheltered parking, flat and dry place should be chosen, not close to buildings, utility poles, or other vehicles to prevent sideslip pounding. If the parking time is too long, time to start the engine warm-up to prevent water freezing. To prevent tire to freeze to the ground, under the wheels of bedding sand, straw, wood and other items. If you must park on the ramp, gears, and tighten hand brake, and down-filled triangle on the wheel of wood and stone, in case the car.
travel in the wild, after the ground is covered with snow white, often confuse road, ditch and road conditions. Street trees, road signs, water pipes, and should be based on careful observation, determine driving directions, Centre or shallow snow along the road through. If road tilt or is arched, should select flat, and security side or road Middle through; if has rut, should through rut driving, dang rut has freezes and more shallow Shi, should across bike point driving; if snow had thick should to eradication Hou again through; if needed through corners, and ramp, and Valley, and mountain, dangerous, and suspicious of at, should parking, identified situation Hou again through, not adventure.
when driving in the snow, reduce the speed, use windshield wipers to improve the line of sight. Driving too long after the snow, due to the Sun's reflection, makes the driver's eyes, photophobia, tearing, decreased Visual acuity (snow blindness), so traffic should wear colored glasses and take a rest.

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