Driving simple labor-saving automatic car driving tips
Now, more and more owners of convenience? Smoked choice automatic transmission cars, cars with automatic transmission eliminates the clutch pedal makes control easier and relaxed. Although automatic transmission car effort, simple operation, automatic transmission and manual transmission system are two completely different designs, in addition to the two ultimate objectives outside the same, its principles and methods are not the same. So some skill differences must not be neglected. When turning in cars, for example, especially in front-wheel-drive car, come on turn in the corners than reducing oil or glide more secure and easy to control. Automatic transmission car due to refuel after the braking speed there is a short lag, so driving an automatic car when cornering brake early, and reduce speed to low, then refuel vehicle traction drive turn. If the turn too abruptly, and then slam on the brakes, the vehicle will spin or roll phenomenon, was not safe. Automatic car overtaking skills are also very important, and when overtaking urgently accelerate the transmission computer power alone is difficult to complete in a short time, so at this point it should be stepping foot loose, then slammed down speed of the engine rapidly, reach a car lift speed results.

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