Color change of night vigilance pavement
Driving test under the new rules, test car driver's license of a random sample of not less than 20% people took part in night driving exam. Acer driving school North Campus coach Wang Kui told reporters, according to his 7 years of teaching experience, students fear most is to drive at night, should solve the problem.
night does not fit, tight, steering wheel very fast is student problems. Wang Kui said that the students have a tight grip the steering wheel, speed is slow to react in case of emergency, or the steering wheel too quickly, it is easy to happen. Under normal circumstances, the vehicle steering wheel 90 degrees in the process will lead to a rollover.
Wang Kui told reporters that he has stressed participants to "contempt" distance to lights, left-side peripheral vision and counteracts the front part of the car. Discover that the roads are different colors, you must immediately prepare for parking--different colors of parts, may be people, may also be obstacles. Must be clear through, especially when they are Xenon headlights, lighting direct sunlight will cause Visual blind spot, be cautious at this time.
because night vision is not good, when driving to the roadside trees of the frame of reference, no trees on the pavement for frame of reference, high degree of attention to people walking. Wearing dark clothing at night pedestrians-such as black, blue, even the headlights shine on them, lights are hard to bounce back, easily lead to negligence. Road cyclists look, you'll have to do the brake ready because he looked, it is most likely to cross the road.
no street pavement, pay attention in the bushes where the color is wrong, the yellow light was turning. Also note that no light motorcycles in the country, often reach the front can be found not far from each other.
Wang Kui in particular stressed that many student pilot always wanted to look down at work, confirm their operations through the Visual, it is very dangerous. At a speed of 100 km/h calculations, bow their heads and look at cars along a 26-meter distance. This habit is especially dangerous at night, be sure to stop in order to guarantee security.

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