Driving skills and newbie-intensive
"The Imperial lifeline, foot of hell", which is an exaggerated description of the drivers responsibility to drive safely. Indeed, driving the slightest mistake will lead to irreparable consequences. Especially in the "new law", after the even older drivers are a bit jittery, newbie should be careful. In fact, each novice had experienced the distress of the road, if you can get past the initial internship, will be a lifetime. Here introduces you to new tips on safe driving.
first of all, should adjust their mentality. Flying glide by traffic and the criss-cross the road, don't be nervous, remember to keep a cool head. After the newbie is often too nervous to know what gear, steering and so on, see side with other vehicles wanted car, in fact, as long as driving calmly in accordance with regulations there will be no problem. Emboldened
Second, the novice first hit the road better traveled accompanied by can drive a friend sitting beside her is like insurance, once appeared in driving what can go wrong, will also receive timely alerts and help. Friends with cars there is a benefit, can't have friends you can get off while driving traffic, cut a path in front of the car for you, of course, if friends help, you must be able to "dinner" thanks.
do prepared
again, road Qian to in heart calculated good driving of essentials, and familiar about brake, and throttle, and clutch device, case tension of when will throttle Dang brake stepped on, that but too dangerous has; familiar about the block bit, because "novice" road a tension on will forget increases or decreases block, car of roars sound for novice for often is turned a deaf ear to, will manual car open into automatically block is many "novice" often made of errors, so road Qian these basic of operation must to overripe Yu heart.
in addition, to reduce the probability of accidents, will require motorists to develop a good driving habits, driving car number to start. As an alternative to driving students in addition to learning how to drive the technology, there should be more like teacher driving the considerations and carefully observe the driving habits of teachers, such as preparations for the open front, when the practice of, in fact, really good habits, which are some of the little things for granted, but in real life driving are crucial.
new travel notes
to focus on the front of the vehicle, look left and right and rear of vehicles on the basis of this case. New vehicles like observation car, which is very dangerous, because at this moment it is possible to crash the vehicle, unless it is a line or curve, frequently do not look after the car. While driving but also pay close attention to the front of the vehicle, vehicle brake lights lit up in front, it is necessary to put your right foot on the brake pedal, and micro-stepping on the brakes, reduce the speed, in order to cope with emergency situations.
pay attention to traffic signs. Traffic lights are not easy to read wrong, but for some sections of the new ban on signs should be noted. Many sections of the forbidden, detour signs in Shanghai changes more frequently, the novice while driving if the reverse is the case can be very dangerous.
novice try not to get into the fast lane. Cars in the fast lane at the faster speed, leaving drivers to handle an emergency for a short time. Novices will appear once the reaction is not malignant, traffic accidents, in the absence of sufficient grasp before and honestly exercise in the slow lane. Novices often rest on the rear of his car labeled "beginner", "signs", it is a good idea, which an older driver is not coming from the new growth? So as long as you're not on the road rampage, for many novice mistakes, older drivers are tolerant. Even if your speed is slow car after seeing "new" words are a little more forgiving.

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