Driver's accident caused by negligent violation of
So-called "negligence along the", in psychology in the contains has two species meaning, a is refers to this should timely found or pre see of dangerous, due to attention not concentrated, reasons and no found or foreseen to, led traffic accident occurred; another a is refers to although found or foreseen to has dangerous of situation, but due to confidence or fluke psychological of exists, thought can avoid and no avoid, led occurred has traffic accident. First case that says the simple meaning of negligent violations, a distracted while driving, etc; second case that contains illegal turn, illegal turn, illegally crossed the line, illegal loading, poor brakes, lights do not align, fatigue driving, drunken driving and so on is a kind of wilful violation of luck.
in recent years, due to personal and work directly linked to driver doubles the drive, run Lola run around the world, it is not welcome. However, in the mind of "money" has the concept of "safety" concept has been watered down, ethics dropped, State property, other people safety aside, driver fatigue, bad condition negligence, such as traffic accidents.
according to a 1991 car accident killed 107, 21.1% per cent of total traffic fatalities for the year 1992 total of 149 people died of traffic accidents caused by such illegal, on 25.4% of total traffic fatalities for the year 1993 killed 150, 24.7% per cent of total deaths for the year 1994 death 222, 36.5% per cent of total deaths for the year

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