The five most dangerous illusion of driving
Due to the physical, mental, age, physical condition and environmental factors influence, will typically create the illusion of a variety of drivers in driving, dangerous situations caused by the operation that caused the error. Therefore, the driver (especially beginners) should understand the properties of these easy to create the wrong impression, and prevention in the road to ensure safety.
distance: for all types of vehicles on the road, drivers sometimes car drivers, plant spacing, distance between illusion, passing far enough and following too close to vehicles and accidents happen. Common: same distance, look during the day, and when the night is dark feeling far; in front of the cart when close, is the car when feeling distance.
speed: drivers in the driving process is mostly based on the observed features of reference material to estimate the speed of the move, is not entirely relying on its own speedometer indicator to judge. Roadside scenery is much easy to overestimate the speed scene when underestimate the speed; after a long drive at a certain speed to the speed of adaptation on the rest easy to misjudge the speed, in particular mistake speed is very dangerous to underestimate. Motor vehicle rear-end crash-prone from the suburbs into the city, that's why.
illusion of curvature: the speed of drivers driving on the highway, often change with the camber of the road. How speed can also cause delusions. Generally not more than semicircular arc, pilots often feel to the radius of curvature is always smaller than the actual arc length the shorter the smaller radius of curvature. Turns in a row on the road, the driver will feel the mountain easier than flat turns, so driving is dangerous high-speed continuous sharp curves.
color illusion: in urban transport complex sections, the surrounding landscape of colorful, interlocking, easily distract the driver's attention, especially at night, easily crossing the traffic light as neon; vehicle taillight taillights of vehicles stopped; wrong as the rear brake lights rear lights and so on. In addition, summer wear dark sunglasses when light objects "filtered" off illusion.
light illusion: too Sun, and reflection objects of light, and front welcome light, and night far light lamp strong light, will makes driver of Visual moment to adapted, as flat car of bright Windows, and Sun Xia road next trees alternating transform of shadow, and field Shang snow of reflective, and access tunnel Shi light of changes,, are easy makes driver produced Vertigo, formed light illusion, to led to operation errors.

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