Driving during the break-in and maintenance of cars
Car break-in period as players warmed up before their campaign aims to make the body the ability to adjust all parts involved to adapt to the environment promoted. Advantages and disadvantages of cars running, will have important implications for automobile's life, security, and economic, it is not to be discounted. To check the maintenance, increase running quality problems that should be pay attention to the following aspects. Running foot vehicle mileage 2000 km run-in period should not be less than 2000 kilometers, which is guaranteed to work the full contact, friction, adaptation, shaping the basic mileage.
not too fast you want strict enforcement of driving injury procedures, is to avoid the throttle full open; second, to keep the engine's normal operating temperature. Cycling must not, at this time walkthrough, go tearing away. Speed should be controlled within provisions, a new car and overhauled the carburetor is equipped with speed limiter, should not be removed.
light car not Lawton, loading rate should be less than 90%, and select the flat roads.
/> slow start, slow (a) Preheat start, brake clutch. Try to avoid emergency braking, otherwise would not only hit the run-in of the brake system and will increase the impact of the chassis to the engine load.
(b) is declared, "from the rear brake first" approach is running at critical times, and are in very condition (brakes) to take measures to protect the engine. Cut cannot as good habits long-term using, dang vehicles spent has "conservation" period, from clutch device maintenance aspects told, on should is "first brake Hou away from", has many novice learning car Shi, for fear flameout, obsession foot clutch, to deceleration on first stepped on Xia clutch, even is hanging has high-end or low-grade driving, also to for document convenient, clutch not away from feet. Such brakes, shifters, for a novice might make driving smoothly, but the clutch will cause a lot of damage.
(c) was also in the habit of stopping, hanging one step on the clutch, or pick up the free to step on the clutch, so as to start an action to simplify. However, this habit will keep the left leg are in a State of force, unable to relax, easy driver fatigue, more serious may result in prolonged wear of the clutch.
fair use oil in General, car fuel is as high as possible OK, this high refers to the use of performance, not just beautiful packaging, expensive prices. Should select the SE grade of gasoline engines, diesel engines with CL-4;. As for petrol, digoxin for a break-in period on n-plant petrol preferred, explosion-proof, and in case of ignition problems ignition timing should be delayed, and shift in a timely manner and avoid nasty acceleration.
gear transmission-running vehicles in the running should be gradual, with the lowest starting, gradually adding grade, must not use high grade low speed or lower speed. And change gear frequently, do not use a gear driving for a long time. Should pay attention to the engine, transmission and drive axle and temperature changes in working conditions, control condition.
running during of maintenance running end check maintenance Hou to into normal using period, maintenance content following: check and adjustment fan and the pump drive belt of tension; check and adjustment camshaft are Shi belt of tension; adjustment valve clearance; check engine gas cylinder head screws of birch tight degrees; replaced engine oil filter device; replaced engine oil; added radiator cooling liquid; adjustable school ignition are Shi; clear air filter device of dust; adjustment idle speed and idle speed mixed device pedal clearance; check brake liquid volume, There is no leakage; adjust the brake pedal travel; check the hand brake lever and cable trip; check and tighten the wheel and wheel nut connection transmission and differential oil volume; check the tightening torque of other key; check tightness of turn's gap and oil leaks and steering wheel free play is appropriate.

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