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Wet weather driving training

1, to ensure a good view. When it rains, our eyes are affected, especially under the rain the rain brushes not scrape the windshield rain in time. Also, because lowering temperatures before and after your windshield will fog, when to turn on the air conditioner and the windscreen heaters to eliminate as soon as possible after the fog, so as not to not see the rear of the vehicle. When the weather is gloomy, you should turn on lights for headlights, fog lights or double jump, prompt vehicle before and after your position.
2, when driving in the rain, rain tires on the road between "lubricant", if the hydraulic capacity of the tire is bad, vehicles prone to skidding. To work in the rain, your tires need to be at their best, have at least 3 to 4 mm of tread. Therefore, before starting, it is best to check the tire is worn, if it has been over worn flags should be immediately replaced.
3, rainy day, if water on the roads, tends to overshadow the potholes on the road, if rushed through, not only in danger of water intake and exhaust tubes, tire also has the potential to be punctured by foreign bodies in the pit. Therefore, should first stop to see the depth of the water, water depth exceeds the height of the exhaust pipe shall pass; less if the water depth is only flooded half a tire, you can hang a block, hold the throttle, low-speed straight through, must not stop, shift or turn direction to prevent vehicles stalling, engine damage due to errors.
4, if unfortunately wallowing on the roads in the country, you can hang a gear or reverse gear, tried to slow the accelerator, when the car forward or backward, to keep the accelerator pedal position unchanged, low speed out of the muddy roads. If the car cannot be moved back and forth, you can drive wheels front and rear pads, such as stone, brick, wood or branches in order to increase the adhesion of the wheels and the ground, making the car a smooth out of the mire.
5, rainy day in order to move on, pedestrians, bicycles and motor vehicles often jostle for road, is often the vehicle approaching panic slipping, making drivers by surprise. When this situation is encountered, the driver should slow down Horn, patiently give way, if necessary, select a safe place to stop, must not be impatient with pedestrians and cyclists grab to prevent pedestrian hit.

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