Easy road, Shijiazhuang accompanied driving services limited, was approved by the Shijiazhuang municipal Bureau strict examination, officially registered legal-professional car accompanied driving company. This company equipped with new of manual document, automatically document, a, level car, b level car, has Toyota card Laura, and Toyota Camry, and Honda Accord, models, performance better, condition good, Shijiazhuang easy road accompany driving, and Shijiazhuang accompany driving, and Shijiazhuang accompany driving company, and Shijiazhuang car sparring, and Shijiazhuang accompany driving price, and Shijiazhuang accompany driving which home company good, and Shijiazhuang which home accompany driving best all accompany driving vehicles are by professionals installation has Deputy brake, and full insurance, students not bear any responsibility.
company has hired experienced, senior technology professional car accompanied driving instructors, norms of practice driving tutorials, foot foot clock, provide high quality and efficient service for the majority of motorists in the city. To enable the broad masses of customers in the shortest possible time, grasp the complex road conditions, driving skills, and remember the traffic regulations and traffic signs, marking, to comprehensively grasp the general maintenance of vehicles and routine inspections and maintenance knowledge.
Road, Shijiazhuang accompanied driving services limited accompanied driving agreement with the customer, a car one full door-to-door airport transfer, according to the driving situation of each customer, tailored to scientific training scheme and traffic routes, so that every customer will be satisfied with, safe, independent driving!